Manager Message

Mr. Sanjay Chauhan

Manager's Message

First I feel excited expressing my gratitude to parents, guardians and the students for reposing faith in the institution Ujjwal Shiksha Senior Secondary School and providing a considerable support of their co-operation in making it so unique.The collective efforts and support of all the stakeholders have made it possible to complete 24 successful years.The management of Ujjwal SSSS has always tried its best to provide the students a unique platform for their all-round development where they can face the challenges of the modern competitive world more effectively and showcase their talent in each and every aspect of life. Our only asset is our students and our concern forever has been to provide them a team of experienced and skilled teachers that can think out of the box and work beyond limits with their tangible efforts to curb their mediocre tendencies like rote learning and mechanical writing work towards sub-standard work. I solely believe in Dr. Kothari's views

"The Destiny of India is being shaped in its classrooms."

It is possible only if the teachers take it their moral obligation and also take responsibility of man making and nation building shaping the students and making them excellent in each and every walk of life giving their painstaking efforts.Here at Ujjwal SSSS, we have a dynamic team of the educators who are ready to perform the challenging roll being motivators, researchers, innovators and organizers.Students are uncut diamonds and our team here do miracles by meticulously transforming these raw products into polished diamonds. I am really thankful for the support and co-operation given by Ujjwal school team, parents, guardians and students expecting the same in future also.I am committed to put up my sincere efforts for the betterment and upliftment of my students making them responsible members of their families, society and then nation.