Ujjwal Shiksha Sr. Secondary School

Excellence and Quality in Education have been choosen as the benchmarks at Ujjwal School. The calm and peaceful settings and surroundings of the green campus of the School provides a perfect locale for achieving all round personality development of a student.

It is an institution that promotes student-centric learning and aims to provide memorable schooling to each and every child. The school aims to nurture the students for the lifelong learning with a journey of self-discovery.

CBSE Mandatory Disclosure

Why Choose Us?

We Offer:

  • Individualized instruction and progression on the child’s level
  • Small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Certified and compassionate teachers
  • Preparation for the 21st century through helping students to be creative and forward thinkers
  • Superior quality academic standards with continuous evaluation

Our Methodology

Our students not only learn what their textbooks have to offer, but they also get in touch with nature and discover their own hidden facets.
The school employs the latest teaching techniques to ensure that students not only learn, but also accumulate latest knowledge during their stay here.
The school believes in creating mature, knowledgeable individuals who are an asset to their society. Discipline and personality development are the two inherent values, Our students inculcate in them.
The School focuses on the holistic development of the students. The concept of teaching methods includes pedagogy and strategies used in the classroom for teaching.

Dr. Ajit Bhardwaj


We at USSSS ensure high quality education which motivates and empowers our students to be lifelong learners and the productive members of society. At Ujjwal's, education is not just amount of information that is put into a child's brain. Our education system is the one that Cater ..read more

Mr. Sanjay Chauhan


First I feel excited expressing my gratitude to parents, guardians and the students for reposing faith in the institution Ujjwal Shiksha Senior Secondary School and providing a considerable support of their co-operation in making it so unique.The collective efforts and support of all ..read more